River Trent – 7th August 2012

After a successful trip to the River Trent a couple of weeks ago, I decided to head back and try a couple of spots on the opposite bank that I had noticed on my previous trip.  The river was carrying a bit more colour than my previous trip but this didn’t seem to deter the Pike.  Any area of slack water off the main flow seemed to produce a fish.  After hacking my way through head high Himalayan Balsam I reached one of the new spots that I wanted to try and had two fish in two casts on a Rainys PSP Bubblehead.

Further downstream a young lad was stickfloating for Roach and he was getting Roach taken regularly by Pike.  I sat and watched him for a while and I was very impressed with his skill’s.  You don’t see too many youngsters on the bank these days and it was nice to meet someone who was obviously enthusiastic about his fishing.

I continued downstream and was getting a Pike in most areas that I tried.  Again the popper was working well even in very deep water.  I even had what I can only presume were Perch and Chub come up and take it.  At times sport was so hectic that I didn’t even have time to squash the mozzies that were feasting on my arms.

As darkness fell I decided to try an intermediate line and an Olive & Yellow Glitterbug.  This resulted in a couple more Pike and a bonus Perch before I decided to call it a day and make the journey home.