New Products in Store

chocklettWe have some great new products to our online store.  We have expanded out range of bucktails by adding purple and lavender to our range.  Both these colours are great for Pike flies.

We have also added Chocklett’s articulated big game shanks.  These are stronger than the usual articulated shanks and are ideal for Pike & Musky flies.  They are saltwater proof too so are ideal for saltwater use.  Available in 40mm and monster 80mm lengths.  For more info click on Chocklett’s Articulated Big Game Shank

Another great product we have added is the Fish-Skull Fish Mask.  Available in 2 different sizes they are designed to cover the head of the fly giving it a realistic look.  We love these and think they will prove to be very popular.  For more information click on Fish Skull Fish Mask