New products in store

We have some new products in store that we would like to tell you about this month.

Baitfish Emulator FlashOne product that we have been playing about with for a while is Baitfish Emulator Flash. This synthetic material is approximately 3” long. The product is fused down one side to enable easy winding around the hook shank like a hackle. Entire baitfish patterns can be tyed but I prefer to tye them in like a hackle just at the head of the fly. They look fantastic in the water when incorporated into large bodied baitfish patterns.  For more information click on the following link: Baitfish Emulator Flash


Another product to hit the shelf is good old fashioned ram’s wool. Rams WoolIt’s exactly as it says and is a fantastic material for making wool head flies and sculpin patterns. By making a big head with the wool it allows the fly to push a lot of water making it an ideal choice for flies that are fished in coloured water. For more information click on the following link: Ram’s Wool


Premo Deer HairFinally for all you surface pattern freaks like me, we have some fantastic premium deer hair strips. We have sourced the longest deer hair fibres possible from our supplier. At 15” long these strips have enough deer hair to keep you tying for years. Incredible value and well worth a look. Available in a great range of colours. For more information click on the following link: Premo Deer Hair Strips