Fishing Report – 1st December

Misty Trent morningI got on the banks of the Trent early, in fact a little too early as it was still dark with a good 30 minutes before dawn broke.  The river looked fantastic covered in a blanket of mist.  Even though there was cat-ice in the margins the river was alive with bleak and small Roach.  To my amazement there were no Pike crashing into them.  As it got lighter I moved further downstream to an area of sluggish water.  Again there was a few small fish topping before a Pike gatecrashed the party.  Before long there was another crash and another and then another.  Everytime I cast at one fish another fish crashed into the fry.  I fished on in frustration but couldn’t connect with one of the Pike.  After many fly changes and much frustration I decided to leave the feeding fish (stupid in hindsight) and move further downstream.

No Pike were forthcoming so I decided to drop down to the Derwent on a new stretch of water that I have joined this year.  The stretch in question contains a number of mill streams that I have seen Pike in.  The banks were very overgrown and it was a case of casting through the trees to get a fly in the water.  I managed to connect with one small Pike about 3lb.

All in all a very frustrating mornings fishing.