Fish-Skull Articulated Fish Spine

AFS-Compilation_4The Fish-Skull Articulated Fish Spine is the latest offering from Flymen Fishing Company.  The articulated fish spine allows you to tye incredibly realistic baitfish patterns.

The Fish-Spine was co-developed with Blane Chocklett who is one of the fly fishing industry’s most forward thinking and innovative fly tiers.   By daisy-chaining a series of articulated shanks, Blane conceived of a way to impart incredibly realistic action into baitfish patterns that has until now been impossible to achieve. Multi-jointed “swim flies” with ultra-real action.


Key Features:

  •     Four specially designed articulated shanks of varying lengths.
  •     Tapered effect creates life-like action.
  •    Stainless steel for saltwater flies.
  •    Six Fish-Spines per pack (24 individual segments).

To get an idea of how easy it is to tye with the articulated fish spine, take a look at the following video:

Articulated Fish Spine


For more information and to buy click on Fish-Skull Articulated Fish Spine