Derbyshire Day Out

photo (8) - CopyThe long wait is finally over as the river season started on the 16th June.  Desperate to get out I arranged to fish with Mr C on the 17th June.  I love summer piking on the rivers despite the fact the fishing can be hard as the pike are spread throughout the river.  Food is also plentiful at this time of year making it even more of a challenge to tempt a Pike to come to the fly.

With weed growth at a high it’s definitely advisable to use a floating line or sink tip.  Finding the fish was very tricky as they had moved from their usual winter holding areas.  We ended up with 11 fish between us with no monsters but the best being a fighting fit 13lb fish taken on a white deceiver.  Andy had a lot of success on a Roach pattern and ended up with 7 fish.

At this time of year it is advisable to cover as much water as possible spending a limited time in each area.  The Pike can be anywhere at this time of year and don’t neglect the faster water.