Chew Valley – 29th March 2014

Chew jackThe PFFA recently held a small event on Chew in search of it’s infamous Pike.  Anyone who has fished Chew knows it has the potential for giving up Pike of near record potentials.  During the winter Pike trial it gave up numerous 30lb fish aswell as 3 fish over 40lb.

Everytime I go there I get a bit giddy with expectation even though catching these large Pike on the fly is a challenge in itself.  March is never a good time to fish for them on the fly for a number of reasons but with the lack of fishing time over the winter I was keen to get on there.  The first day can only be described as wet and wild.  The wind was out of the east and frequent heavy rain showers followed by hail and thunder made the fishing uncomfortable.  Despite this, all members caught fish.  Only small fish, but in the conditions we were happy.  I had a good sized fish follow the fly to the side of the boat before turning away.

Day two started out wonderful with warm hazy sunshine and near flat calm.  I saw a serious sized croc roll over deeper water and we really felt if conditions remained as they were then we could expect to catch some good fish.  Unfortunately the weather gods had different ideas. Wild and Wet Within half an hour of being afloat the winds came out of the south east and were stronger than the previous day.  The water was getting churned up adding more colour to it and getting a good drift where you could fish the flies slow and near to the bottom was nearly impossible.  After a disaster with the drogue we decided to move around the back of the island.  Although the wind was still strong it wasn’t as bad as being in the main basin.  Myself and boat partner Mr C. managed to land 6 fish.  Again small fish and although they lifted spirits slightly it wasn’t enough to stem the disappointment of the last two days.

Mr C - ChewWe’ll be back there again in the near future and hopefully conditions will be a bit more favourable for another crack at those monster Pike.