Chew Fishing report

Vic - Chew PikeWith the cooler weather now approaching it’s time to spend more time on the bank in search of Pike.  I normally like a few summer trips on the river but this year the Himalayan Balsam has been unbearable making it almost impossible to get to the river in places let alone cast.


A short trip to the Trent a couple of weeks back resulted in one small Pike about 6lb.


September is always a special time on Chew.  As much as I like fishing for Pike I really had big perch on my mind.  At this time of year they become very aggressive and much easier to catch.  I say easy but what I really mean is “slightly less hard”.


A few of us from the PFFA arranged to fish over 2 days.  There was no real plan other than to turn up, fish and see what came along.


Speaking to the fishery staff the water had suffered very badly with algae over the summer making the water very coloured.  This did have a plus side in that it kept the weed at bay.


We got off to a good start when Vic boated a 15lb fish.  Although it wasn’t overly long it was incredibly deep and thick.  To say he was over the moon is an understatement as he had finally broken his Chew duck.  Over in the other boat Andy and Pete had located some Perch and had also boated a small Pike.  After drifting over the same area for a couple of hours we decided to move to slightly deeper water.  With the reservoir being 6 feet below it’s notmal levels it meant that we were fishing in about 16 feet of water.  There were masses of bait fish in the area with Trout and black headed gulls smashing into them.  On the fish finder we could see evidence of big Pike lurking close by.  We could also see shoals of other fish which looked to be Perch.  This proved to be the case as immediately I latched into a nice Perch weighing 2.14.  Others followed around the 1lb mark and I got a follow from another decent Perch that grabbed at the fly next to the boat.


We did manage a few more small Pike but nothing of a decent size.  Then as if by magic the feeding frenzy stopped.  The gulls had obviously had their fill as had the fish.  A move into Villice bay showed even more baitfish on the surface but their was very little evidence on the surface or on the finder of any predators amongst them.


Day 2 started off similar to day 1.  We had a bit of a change around in the boats and I fished with Andy and Vic fished with Pete.  Vic was the first into a fish with another mid-double this time coming in at 16.4.  Again we found the baitfish in about 16 feet of water with Pike and Perch lurking around.  I managed another stunning perch of 2.12 amongst a few smaller Pike.  Andy was having quite a bit of success with the Pike and manged a couple of 10lb’ers and a few smaller fish.  It’s funny because the spots we expected to catch fish in didn’t produce.  With the mild weather we have had over the summer and into the autumn I don’t think the fish were feeding as actively as expected.  Never the less we still ended the weekend with about 20 Pike between all 4 of us aswell as some nice perch upto 2.14.  We even had a couple of nice Trout that were returned fit and well none the worse for hitting our large flies.