Chew – 29th May 2014

24.4 ChewAfter a couple of pretty uneventful trips to Chew already this year I can’t say that I was overly looking forward to this trip.  It’s fair to say Chew hasn’t been kind to me over the years.  A handful of double figure fish in between lots of smaller fish is all I have just about managed.  I’ve always been confident with my tactics and I have been fishing “in the zone” but for one reason or another it’s been a struggle.  That’s not to say i expect it to be easy.  People tend to get carried away when they see the reports of big pike coming out during the winter trials.  What people don’t see are the days when people rarely see a Pike.  I suppose the reason why people keep going is because the big fish are there even though they are difficult to tempt particularly on the fly.

A group of anglers from the PFFA Scotland branch fished for 3 days solid before I arrived.  Apparently the first couple of days had been hard work with just a few jacks being caught.  On the final day Paul Clydesdale had a wonderful fish weighing 36lb and his brother also took a 20lb fish.

On the Thursday myself and Mr C did the usual thing of drifting in the shallows in search of monsters.  A few good fish showed up on the depth finder.  It wasn’t until mid-day that I had my first proper pull.  The result was my Chew PB weighing 24.4.  Not the usual short fat fish that are associated with Chew but a long lean fighting machine that was solid from head to toe.  We continued to fish the shallows with both of us having good fish follow to the side of the boat.  We both thought a red letter day was on the cards but as is usual with Chew it just wasn’t going to be.

Towards the end of the day we decided to fish deeper water.  We marked some fish in 27 feet of water and decided to fish here.  Instantly we both got takes and in 90 minutes we landed another 9 fish.  Although not huge fish they fought incredibly hard in the deep water.

The next day we decided to continue in the deep water for an hour or so.  The sport started off fast again but then dropped off remarkably quickly.  We made our way back down to the shallows were we had a few more fish.  Again a couple of big fish followed to the side of the boat and I briefly had what felt like a good fish on before it shed the hook.

We ended the 2 days with 24 fish between us.  It had been the most productive session we had ever had on Chew.