F.W.A’s Simple Toad

This simple pattern by Norbert Renaud is very similar to our marabou Perch.  Quite small in size it is ideal for pike and perch.  Quick to tye but deadly in the water. http://vimeo.com/63509680


Articulated Diver

This video was sent in by Xavier Courchinoux of Just Dragon Fly It shows how to tye an articulated diver using the Fish-Skull articulated shank and Rainys foam Diver heads.  Perfect for those spring and summer Pike.  


10 Minute Tye – Marabou Perch

Pike flies don’t have to be big to catch large fish.  This fly is between 4-5″ and has caught many large Pike and large Perch.  


10 Minute Tye – Olive & Yellow Glitterbug

Here’s another great Pike fly that you can tye in less than 10 minutes using just a few materials. Very simple to tye with a classic Olive and Yellow Colour combination.


10 Minute Tye – Flash Fibre Baitfish

Pike flies don’t have to be complicated to catch fish.  This simple pattern can be tied in less than 10 minutes using your favourite combinations of flash fibre of body fibre.  It’s perfect for beginners who are new to fly tying or advanced tiers.