6th February 2013

River Trent Pike.Cabin Fever had well and truly set in and with no let up in the cold wintry weather there was no option but to dig out the thermals and get out on the bank.  I had been watching the water levels for a couple of weeks and the Trent had fined down a little although my other local rivers were still on the high side.  A quick stop off and look at the Derwent proved this.

I wanted to try a new stretch of the Trent that I had been wanting to try for a while.  It’s not ideal at this time of year as the flow is quite fast and is more renowned for Barbel.  There are a few slacks though where the odd fish might hang up waiting for it’s next meal.

On about the third cast I had a steady hang on the line.  A quick strip strike followed and I was into a fish.  It gave itself up pretty easily although once I had it on the unhooking mat it decided to wake up taking a chunk out of my index finger.  Not a big fish but it was a lot fatter than it looked on the photo.  I’m guessing it may have possibly scraped 10lb.

A few casts later and another fish was on briefly.  I was a bit docile myself this time as I failed to set the hook quick enough.

I continued fishing likely looking areas.  I then hooked into another fish which turned out to be a Rainbow Trout.  Obviously a casualty of the floods as this stretch of the Trent is next to a Trout lake.  The fish managed to shake the hook which did me a favour really as I didn’t fancy getting wet slimy hands due to a stocky taking the fly.

All in all it was a nice few hours fishing.  Another spot explored.  I imagine in the summer it would be quite a good area to try with the poppers so I will be back to give them a go.