25 Best Places: Fly Fishing for Pike by Robert S Tomes

Fly Fishing for PikeWith the cold Winter nights setting in I always look forward to reading a good book in front of the fire so when the postman delivered a copy of Robert Tomes’ latest work “25 Best Places: Fly Fishing for Pike” I couldn’t wait to get started on it. Robert Tomes is pretty much an Esox guru and his previous book “Muskie on the Fly” is the holy grail for anyone wanting to challenge themselves catching one of the hardest fighting freshwater fish on the planet so when his latest book arrived I couldn’t wait to get started on it.

What immediately struck me was the quality of the detail that Robert Tomes goes into. Included is a map of each individual area alongside other essentials such as places to eat, local guides, what flies to use even down to whether you can get wi-fi in some of the remote lodges. The nicely designed book is also littered with some of the best pike photos I’ve ever seen (and I’ve seen a lot) and for someone like me who is obsessed with pike on the fly it is pure pike porn!

The book is perfect for the travelling angler with waters stretching from the remotest parts of Canada right through to Western Europe. For us anglers in England there are numerous waters listed just waiting to be tried out.

As someone who has fly fished for over 30 years I have to say I would agree with Robert Tomes’ assertions on the UK waters and are certainly the waters I would pick in my quest for catching Pike on the fly. Yes there are plenty of other waters in the UK where you can catch Pike on the fly but the one’s detailed in the book are the very best in my opinion and Robert Tomes has got them spot on.

If you’re a Pike fly fanatic then this book will certainly whet your appetite but for those who aren’t it’s well worth a read just to marvel at some of the stunning images contained within the book.