12th January 2013 – River Session

Andy Cheetham with a fine Derbyshire river Pike.

Andy Cheetham with a fine Derbyshire river Pike.

I spent the day in the company of Andy Cheetham fishing a couple of local rivers in the hope of catching a few fish before the weather took a turn for the worse.  I say took a turn for the worse but actually the temperature was only just above freezing, but with snow forecast this may have been the last chance to get out for a while.

The rivers were running slightly higher than I would have hoped but the clarity was pretty good.  We tried a couple of spots that normally produce a few fish without success.  We then moved to a very shallow area of river no more than a couple of feet deep.  A big fish bow waved as it followed Andy’s roach pattern to the bank.  Next cast and the fish took.  It turned out to be a nice fish just over 14lb.

We then moved on to the Trent to an area that is just off the main flow of the river.  3 fish were landed from this spot aswell as a follow from a good fish that failed to take.

The day continued in this fashion with the odd fish being taken here and there.  Despite the wind picking up and it turning even colder in the afternoon we still managed to catch.

We fished on until the light was starting to fade and ended the day with 9 fish.  Not a bad day all in all.